When all Minnesota kids have the best possible start, we’re all better off!

MinneMinds is a statewide campaign to increase public funding for access to high quality early care and education programs proven to prepare our children for success in school and in life

MinneMinds has 1 policy goal:

To ensure all children are prepared to succeed in school and in life by addressing Minnesota’s critical need for increased access to high quality early care and education.

Video From Think Small: Macy started her child care program at age two, with no previous early learning experience. Since then, she’s blossomed. She is now the star student of her program and completely ready for kindergarten. An Early Learning Scholarship allowed her to start the program at a young age, since she lives in a Transformation Zone in Minnesota.Watch how her scholarships, combined with a high-quality program, have made all the difference for Macy.

Macy’s Story: Early Education at Age 2 Makes the Difference

MinneMinds has 3 policy objectives aimed at early learning’s most vital constituents:


Guarantee all financially challenged 3- and 4-year-olds have access to quality early care and education environments.


Provide supplemental funding and incentive for families seeking stable, high quality early learning settings.


Deliver consistently high-quality care and education through a stable market and financial incentives.