MinneMinds Members

On Thursday this week, We had a great team testifying with Representative Ron Kresha on behalf of HF1997, a bi-partisan bill supported by the MinneMinds coalition that increases resources for our youngest and most vulnerable children. Testifiers included Local parent TraNecia Sylvester, who gave a moving testimony about her families success story thanks in part to early childhood scholarships, MinneMinds executive committee members Barb Fabre, Director with White Earth Child Care and Daniel Gumnit, CEO People Serving People.

Also testifying were Stacey Stout from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and Jim Bartholomew from the Minnesota Business Partnership.

In this Bill:

• In early childhood scholarships, eligibility is expanded to children age 0-5.
• Current law gives teen parents priority. Priority is expanded for children in foster care, in need of protection, or homeless.
• Legislation removes the scholarship cap and gives flexibility to provide each child what they need.
• Legislation provides funding for locally-controlled, targeted home visiting.

These strategies are researched based. We know that this works. With strong bipartisan support we can provide our most vulnerable children and families with the support they need, significantly reduce the opportunity gap, we can lift two-generations of Minnesotans out of poverty, help our families thrive, and contribute to our state’s workforce.

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