Star Tribune: Keep child care costs affordable for all Minnesotans


Editorial Board, Star Tribune

January, 22, 2016

Minnesota child care tends to be good — and expensive. That means that high-quality child care and preschool are also in short supply, particularly in low-income neighborhoods and sparsely populated portions of the state.

In previous years, recognition that those circumstances spell trouble for the state’s economy as well as for families and children has been spotty at the Legislature. Fortunately, that’s changing. Last week, House Republican Speaker Kurt Daudt appointed a “select committee on affordable child care” and announced that it would conduct statewide hearings in February to probe the problem and consider remedies. It’s to be headed by a former child care provider, Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria.

We’ll take that as reason for hope that a better day may be dawning for Minnesotans burdened by child care costs that often exceed the cost of public college tuition — and that bipartisan cooperation might help make it so.

Last session, Republicans and DFLers came together on a strategy to both offer more need-based scholarships for high-quality preschool and enable more school districts to become preschool providers. This should be the year when a similar coalition emerges to address the everyday, full-day needs of the young children of working parents…